2013JulySCHOA033Welcome to the Sun City Home Owners Association (SCHOA) website for Sun City, Arizona; the largest active lifestyle retirement community in North America.  Founded in 1960 about 30 minutes northwest of Phoenix, Arizona, Sun City has over 27,000 homes and 43,000 residents, 7 recreational centers, 8 golf courses, 2 bowling centers, 3 country clubs,  an outdoor amphitheater, more than 120 charter clubs, and 325 days of sunshine a year.

To manage the affairs of such an expansive and diversified community, the Sun City Home Owners Association (a.k.a. SCHOA) was formed in 1963.  SCHOA is headed by an elected Board of Directors which generally meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month (with the exception of June, July and August)  to conduct the business of the Home Owners Association.  These meetings are open to the public and participation is both welcomed and encouraged.  Please contact the office or website calendar to confirm the exact date and time of each month’s meeting.

Among the many responsibilities of SCHOA and the Board of Directors, perhaps none is more important than delivering the following Mission and Vision on behalf of everyone who lives in our community.


To provide for the prosperity and well-being of Sun City residents by 1) assisting homeowners with issues specific to their home and grounds, 2) delivering programs promoting resident safety, security, quality of life and in- creased property values, 3) representing Sun City residents in political and inter-governmental affairs at the city, west valley, county, and state levels, and 4) ensuring residents’ fair, equitable and universal compliance with the CC&Rs.


To be renowned for service excellence to our community by 1) proactively providing for the well-being of Sun City and its homeowners, 2) treating all residents with respect and equality in addressing their needs, 3) maintaining an open, receptive forum within which any and all Association members can offer input, 4) continuously improving efficiencies and effectiveness in our stewardship of Sun City, and 5) consistently increasing the value and prosperity of the community we serve.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy touring the website.  For the address and hours of operation or if you have any questions or comments, please click here.