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SCHOA’s Annual Meeting is scheduled Thursday, January 15, at 10:00 a.m., at the Fairway Recreation Center.  The theme for the meeting is “Sun City vs “Where I/We Moved From.”  The meeting will be an opportunity to meet “new and old” neighbors and is being planned to be interactive. This year’s guest speaker will be Maricopa County Supervisor Clint Hickman.  Mr. Hickman will be addressing “Sun City Governance and Your Home Town.”

The SCHOA 2015 Board will be attending to  have the opportunity to meet Sun City residents.

Local Sun City service organizations will also be attending the meeting sharing services they offer.


From the President – 2014 in Review

It’s hard to believe that another year is coming to an end.  2014 has been a busy and productive year for the Sun City Home Owners Association.  Since the inception of Sun City, the primary responsibility of the Board and Staff remains committed to supporting the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) of the first Sun City in the country.   The value of the enforcement of the CC&Rs benefits each homeowner as well as the Community as a whole.

During 2014 (through October) there were 2,952 new property concerns reported; 3,115 were resolved within a short period of time. There was a total of 9,034 inspections; 1,814 issues were found by the Compliance Staff.  There are times when a property may not be cured due to a resident having extenuating circumstances; they may be financial and/or physical.  SCHOA’s Community Intervention Program (CIP) and Residential and Maintenance Program (RAMP) are outreach programs that have been designed to assist neighbors who may need assistance for a period of time.  Each program has been developed and is maintained by donations as well as volunteers and registered Business Partners provide their time and services at discounted rates. At times these services are offered at no charge.  During 2014 (through October) there were 62 properties cleaned by the CIP and 58 properties assisted by the RAMP.  Each program is managed confidentially.

The Business Partner Program is available to all members offering over 350 businesses that have qualified to provide their services. The program was upgraded during 2014 to offer more visibility for business partners on the website as well as ease in accessing information for members.  Advertising opportunities were implemented in the monthly Newsletter and Community Information Guide as an added benefit and exposure throughout Sun City. During 2014, a highlight of the year was the Golf Cart Legislation celebration that was sponsored by SCHOA.  The event brought the Community together for a day of fun celebrating legislation that supports golf-cart safety.  The bill was sponsored by Representative Debbie Lesko.  Sun City residents welcomed Governor Jan Brewer; local representatives, RCSC, SCHOA and PORA Board members celebrated the passage of the bill together.   The Governor’s Office and MCDOT worked very closely with SCHOA supporting Sun City and the event……and celebration it was with over 200 residents joining the parade from “vintage” golf carts to the “latest and greatest” for a parade that was enjoyed by all. For the past four months, the SCHOA Board, spearheaded by Greg Eisert, Chairman of the Governmental Affairs Committee, has been the liaison between the Arizona Corporation Commission and Sun City residents addressing the current proposal by EPCOR to consolidate a number of water districts which would increase Sun City water bills by potentially 89%.   The ACC is responsible for final decisions granting or denying utility rate increases.  Since the beginning of this proposal, SCHOA has provided a form letter as well as petitions for residents to address their opposition. Petitions and letters continue to be hand delivered to the ACC; President Jim Stark and Director Greg Eisert, jointly, support the Sun City Community as interveners between the ACC and Sun City citizens.  To date, there have been approximately 10,000 signatures received.  This is an example of SCHOA’s investment listening to residents working diligently to assure “Sun City’s Voice is Heard.”  Residents have worked tirelessly expressing their personal concerns regarding the EPCOR proposal. Town Hall Meetings continue throughout the year offering educational seminars designed to meet residents’ needs and interests.       SCHOA continues to be committed by keeping the Community informed through events, the website, ongoing emails as well as monthly Board meetings that are open to the Community. The 2014 Election for the Board of Directors welcomed four new members for open positions.   Online voting as well as voting by paper ballot were offered to members to vote for the candidate of their choice.  Following the November 5 Candidate Forum, Camilla Kuberka, Sharon Major and Ritchie Miller were elected and will be serving three-year terms; Don Thompson will be serving a two-year term on the 2015 Board.  It has been my pleasure to serve as SCHOA’s president.   I look forward to remaining on the Board supporting Sun City in 2015. Mark your calendars for SCHOA’s Annual Meeting, Thursday, January 15, at the Fairway Recreation Center. A dynamic and interactive meeting is being planned.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Staff, we wish you and yours a happy, enjoyable and peaceful holiday season and a prosperous 2015.

Jim Stark, President
SUN CITY PHONE DIRECTORY – The Sun City Phone Directory is updated each year.  The 2015 edition will be available mid-January.  Copies are delivered to Sun City residents by the Lions Club; copies are also available at the SCHOA office.  The yellow pages of the directory may be accessed by clicking

 WATER/WASTEWATER PETITION – YOUR HELP IS NEEDED! It continues to be important residents request EPCOR not allow full consolidation of all the EPCOR wastewater districts based on the EPCOR information indicating each Sun City wastewater user would experience a 90% rate increase if this full consolidation was approved.   EPCOR noted in their ACC response there are capital improvement costs for the Sun City District of $9.3 over the next five years.  If full consolidation was to take place, Sun City users would be required to pay an additional $22.5M over the noted five-year period.  This equates to subsidizing other district costs in the amount of $13.2M.  Sun City residents have responded overwhelming against being expected to subsidize other districts for their poor planning and choices.

Residents have expressed their opposition and it is important to continue to do so.  Copies of the following petition are available at the SCHOA office for residents’ convenience.  It is important that the Arizona Corporation Commission hears from Sun City residents.  ACC Petition 092414  Many residents have been providing their friends and neighbors with copies of the Letter of Opposition Residents’ WW Letter 120514  that SCHOA has made available and have asked for copies of the petition to gather signatures.  SCHOA continues to accept letters of opposition and petitions in the office to be mailed to the Arizona Corporation Commission.    For further information, contact the office at 623 974 4718.

* * * * * * * * * * * * 

TulipsOPEN AIRE MARKET SCHEDULED SPRING, 2015 SCHOA is pleased to have the next Open Aire Market scheduled, which will be a Spring Fling and is scheduled to take place at the Sundial Recreation Center on March 16, 2015.  Information and registration forms are available at   Open Aire Market Invitation   2015 Open Aire Market Registration.  All vendors who have attended in the past will receive registration information by email.  If you haven’t participated in the past and would like to receive information as soon as it becomes available, contact    The date of the event has been moved to the spring to allow “snow birds” the opportunity to join this fun event and to meet many local vendors.  Early registration is strongly recommended.  For further information, contact 623 974 4718, ext. 211.
MEDIAN LANDSCAPE AND CONSERVATION PROJECT –  Maricopa County continues to  address community concerns regarding the recent median landscape and water conservation project.  The project began in early June on Alabama Avenue and Peoria Avenue between 99th Avenue and 111th Avenue.  Appreciation is expressed to to MCDOT for their ongoing investment in Sun City. Sun City Median Landscape and Water Conservation Project – June, 2014

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MEMBERSHIP IS NOW AVAILABLE ON LINE! A new feature has been added to the web site.  Residents are now able to become new members or renew their existing membership on line.  By visiting the Membership tab on the web site and selecting Membership Application, a membership will be active with a “click of the finger.”  By filling in the simple form and selecting the payment method, a resident is very quickly able to access a wealth of community information. Membership Cut

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