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VotingSCHOA Board Election Process – SCHOA Board 2017 – Each year, SCHOA elects candidates who are qualified and invested in being part of their Sun City Home Owners Association. Candidate packets are available at the SCHOA office.   Share your gifts and talents!  Join the SCHOA Team!  Requirements are:

  1. Must have lived in Sun City for one year;
  2. Must have a SCHOA membership in good standing;
  3. Must be available to dedicate the time to be an effective Board member;
  4. Must be available to serve a three-year (3) term;
  5. Must be available to attend Board and Committee meetings and events;
  6. Must be available to attend Board Candidate Orientations.
  7. Resume to include:
    Length of time as a resident in Sun City;
    b.  Employment experience;
    c.  Community service experience;
    d.  Why do you want to serve on the Board of Directors?
  8. Candidates are responsible to conduct their own campaign such as flyers, etc.

The deadline to return a candidate application is September 30; SCHOA’s election will take place between November 7 through November 13.  For more information, contact the SCHOA office.

July Newsletter – Each monthly newsletter offers informative and up-to-date Sun City Community news.  Stay up to date……..SCHOA is committed to keeping YOU informed!  All newsletters are available on the website under SCHOA Services for your convenience.

We look forward to seeing you at SCHOA’s newly updated and renovated office!!!  Office hours remain 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., Monday – Friday, during the summer.  All Board and Committee meetings are taking a summer recess and will resume in September.

where-is-loginWe have moved the login from the front page to the pages where it is needed.  At the present time the only time you need to log in is if you are using the Business Partner Services or, when the time comes, the Board of Directors election.  We will also be doing some reformatting of this home page—which you will see over the next few months.

Access to the Business Partner Program is available to all SCHOA members.  If you are not a member and would like to join on line, the membership application is available by going to the Membership menu and selecting Membership Application.

WelcomeOn Tuesday, September 13, 2016, from 10:00 a. m. to Noon,  at the Palmbrook Country Club (9350 W Greenway Road),  the Sun City Home Owners Association will host its quarterly New Residents’ Orientation Coffee to welcome new residents offering an opportunity to learn about Sun City.  Due to the interest in this event, reservations are requested.

Attending the meeting will be Maricopa Supervisor Clint Hickman, District 4; District 21 state legislators; representatives from the Recreation Centers of Sun City; and the Sun City Home Owners Association.  Included in the event will be an overview of the past 55 years in Sun City complete with photographs and history……which are always enjoyed!

Also attending will be Sun City organizations providing the invaluable services they offer to Sun City residents.

Early registration is recommended due to the interest in this event.  Reservations may be made by calling the SCHOA office at 623 974 4718, or emailing 

SUMMER CC&R WORKSHOP – The next quarterly CC&R workshop will take place Thursday, August 25, at the Fairway Center (10600 W Peoria Avenue), at 10:00 a.m.  This is an excellent opportunity for all residents to learn more about the CC&R’s attached to all Sun City properties.  The panel will include representatives from the Maricopa County Planning and Development Department,  Vicki Frye, SCHOA Business Partner,  the SCHOA Compliance Committee and SCHOA Compliance Department.

If you are interested in making any changes or updates to your home, it is recommended that you contact the SCHOA office to be assured your plans are in compliance before you begin construction.

SCHOA Supports SCRAP! – The SCHOA Board of Directors at the May Board Meeting approved to  donate $5,000 to support the SCRAP (Sun City Residents Action Program) initiative to maintain and preserve the Sun City perimeter walls in Sun City.   SCRAP invites YOU to “Join In” to protect the appearance of Sun City and property values for all property owners.  For more information view  SCHOA-Board-Supports-the-Sun-City-Walls-Project-052516

Thank you all for supporting “OUR” community and its values  for generations to come!  The SCHOA Staff has come on board to support the “Walls Project” as the “SCHOA Team”

For more information, contact the SCHOA office at 623 974 4718, ext. 211 or


COMMITTEE MEETINGS During the summer months, SCHOA committees  These meetings will be taking a recess. With the completion of the recent renovation,  all Board and Committee meetings will take place in the new SCHOA meeting room and no longer being held off site.

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Upcoming Events

  • Join this exciting workshop sponsored by Benevilla for ways to live that are meaningful and true!.  For reservations, please call 623 584 4999 (Space is limited.).

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  • Join SCHOA Board members, Compliance staff and representatives from Maricopa County to learn more about the Sun City CC&Rs.  This is an opportunity if you are a new resident or are planning to make any upgrades to your home!

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  • Come together with new neighbors and learn about your new community.  Local representatives will be attending to greet their new constituents!

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  • Board meetings take place the fourth Tuesday of each month and are open to the Community.  For more information, contact the SCHOA office.  This is an opportunity learn current SCHOA news.

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