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Each year SCHOA hosts its Annual Meeting as required by the Bylaws of the organization.  This year’s event reported accomplishments of 2014 and the goals for 2015.  The theme of the year’s meeting was “Residents…..New and Current.”

Local representatives Senator Debbie Lesko, Representative Rick Gray and Supervisor Clint Hickman joined residents at this year’s interactive meeting.

With the support of Senator Lesko, a highlight of the year was the signing of the Golf Cart Legislation during the summer.  This was a milestone for SCHOA and its Transportation Committee which had worked diligently for several years on behalf citizens under the direction of Board Vice President Powell.

This year’s keynote speaker, Supervisor Hickman, reported one of his top priorities was to better fund Public Safety; this has been done by adding 8 new Sheriff Deputies to the Sun Cities.  There have been over 1,450 citations in Sun City since the traffic suppression was initiated.  Another top priority is transportation.  One of the most exciting transportation developments is the MCDOT SMARTDrive Program, which is designed to bring the latest innovations in traffic management technologies and research to the West Valley to save tax dollars.

Greg Eisert, Chairman of SCHOA’s Governmental Affairs Committee, remained vigilant throughout 2014 by attending ongoing ACC hearings and reporting back to Sun City citizens regarding the ongoing EPCOR Wastewater Increase issue.  Beginning with the February 2015 EPCOR billing, there will be a $4/month increase based on the ACC unanimously voting to accept the proposed Interim Settlement Agreement.  At this time, EPCOR is now required to file a rate case for all five of its wastewater districts on or before September 30, 2015. SCHOA will remain diligent following this Community concern on behalf of residents.

2014 marked the year that SCHOA expanded its Marketing Department with continuing Town Hall Meetings and informative monthly newsletters, invited Business Partners the opportunity to advertise, and published the first Community Information Guide which includes the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs).  An accomplishment of 2014 is an increased membership, which continues to be $20 annually.  This year’s meeting invited all residents to join the organization and stressed SCHOA is invested in protecting property values of the “first Sun City in the country” for all.  Even though there was an increase in membership, SCHOA’s goal is to have its membership 100% of Sun City citizens.

The Compliance Department met record accomplishments in 2014.  There were over 7,000 processed violations, resolution to 19 business complaints, 54 Community Intervention Program cleanups and 49 Residents and Assistance and Maintenance Program cleanups.  The CIP and RAMP programs are supported through donations and volunteers who wish to maintain Sun City as the Community it was designed to be……….a viable, pleasant and peaceful retirement community. Each of these programs takes care of property concerns that are violating community guidelines; quite often these outreach programs are assisting neighbors in need.

In 2014 the Business Partner Program was revamped to offer more services to businesses as well as SCHOA members.  This Program assures businesses which are members have been vetted and are qualified under SCHOA guidelines.  The Home Owners Association is committed to its member businesses.  In 2014, the Business Partner of the Month was initiated.  As this was done at the end of the year, the Annual Meeting recognized 2014 Business Partners of the Year.  The criteria for being recognized are exemplary services, exemplary customer service, received testimonials as well as the business being willing to assist citizens who may have extenuating circumstances.  SCHOA provided each Business Partner with a Certificate of Appreciation as well as a plaque that has been placed in the SCHOA lobby identifying those who were recognized in 2014 at the Annual Meeting. Each month there will be a Business Partner of the Month who will be recognized in the monthly newsletter.

The SCHOA Business Partners of 2014 are: All Pro Home Services, Apart Builders, Armendariz Landscaping and More, Art King Roofing, Bluebird Painting, D&M Roofing, Dave Limone Masonry, General Exterminating, Hamilton and Humbarger Plumbing and Drain Cleaning, Inc., Legacy Roofing, Perfect Results, LLC, R. J. Locksmith, Singletary Plumbing, Silvia Vazquez and Martin Garcia Landscaping, Sun City Mechanical, LLC, and TKS Solutions.

The home owners’ association goals are to remain vigilant and focus on protecting community values and standards of the CC&Rs, advance needed membership and more community involvement, provide assistance to those in need and to continue to work with MCDOT, ADOT, MCSO, the Sun City Posse, Maricopa Board of Supervisor and County planning through SCHOA’s Transportation Committee to continue to correct and improve SCHOA’s infrastructure.  Also included are raising awareness through marketing outreach, continuing to build the Business Partner Program and local Sun City community organizations.  SCHOA will continue its commitment to take a proactive approach with the State Legislature, RUCO, and the Arizona Corporation Commission regarding issues affecting Sun City residents.

I would like to personally express appreciation to all members for their support of SCHOA. The 2015 Board of Directors and Staff are committed to working for Sun City and its residents.  We look forward to meeting you in person when you visit the office, attend the monthly Board of Directors Board meeting, Town Hall Meetings or other SCHOA events.


Lloyd Maple, President

Board of Directors

TulipsANNUAL OPEN AIRE MARKET SCHEDULDED MARCH 16, 2015! VENDORS – DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITYSCHOA is pleased to have the next Open Aire Market scheduled, which will be a Spring Fling and is scheduled to take place at the Sundial Recreation Center on March 16, 2015.  Information and registration forms are available at   Open Aire Market Invitation   2015 Open Aire Market Registration.   If you haven’t participated in the past and would like to receive information,  contact    The date of the event has been moved to the spring to allow “snow birds” the opportunity to join this fun event and to meet many local vendors.  Early registration is strongly recommended.  For further information, contact 623 974 4718, ext. 211.


At the January SCHOA Transportation Committee Meeting officials from MCDOT presented their plans for safety improvements at the intersections of 99th & Cameo and 99th & Union Hills. These intersections presented unique challenges due to the open drainage canal down the middle of 99th Avenue. These improvements should occur in the 2015-16 time frame.

Sgt. White of MCSO advised that their department in cooperation with the Sun City Posse are going to put on a golf cart safety drive which will involve the installation of seat belts. One of the leading causes of injury in golf cart mishaps is the failure to have or use seat belts.

A group of residents from Hutton Drive were present to voice their concerns regarding vehicles speeding down their street. They requested MCDOT install a stop sign on Hutton somewhere between Del Webb & Boswell. They feel this would slow down traffic. MCDOT stated they will take this request under advisement.

The next Transportation Committee will be meeting Wednesday, February 25 at 10:00 a. m. This meeting is open to the Community.


SUN CITY PHONE DIRECTORY - The Sun City Phone Directory is updated each year.  The 2015 edition is now available!!!!     Copies are delivered to Sun City residents by the Lions Club during January and February;  copies will also be available at the SCHOA office.  The yellow pages of the directory may be accessed by clicking

You won’t want to miss this state of the art Sun City Phone Directory!

 WATER/WASTEWATER PETITION – YOUR HELP IS NEEDED! It continues to be important residents request EPCOR not allow full consolidation of all the EPCOR wastewater districts based on the EPCOR information indicating each Sun City wastewater user would experience a 90% rate increase if this full consolidation was approved.   EPCOR noted in their ACC response there are capital improvement costs for the Sun City District of $9.3 over the next five years.  If full consolidation was to take place, Sun City users would be required to pay an additional $22.5M over the noted five-year period.  This equates to subsidizing other district costs in the amount of $13.2M.  Sun City residents have responded overwhelming against being expected to subsidize other districts for their poor planning and choices.

Residents have expressed their opposition and it is important to continue to do so.  Copies of the following petition are available at the SCHOA office for residents’ convenience.  It is important that the Arizona Corporation Commission hears from Sun City residents.  ACC Petition 092414  Many residents have been providing their friends and neighbors with copies of the Letter of Opposition Residents’ WW Letter 120514  that SCHOA has made available and have asked for copies of the petition to gather signatures.  SCHOA continues to accept letters of opposition and petitions in the office to be mailed to the Arizona Corporation Commission.    For further information, contact the office at 623 974 4718.

* * * * * * * * * * * * 

MEDIAN LANDSCAPE AND CONSERVATION PROJECT –  Maricopa County continues to  address community concerns regarding the recent median landscape and water conservation project.  The project began in early June on Alabama Avenue and Peoria Avenue between 99th Avenue and 111th Avenue.  Appreciation is expressed to to MCDOT for their ongoing investment in Sun City. Sun City Median Landscape and Water Conservation Project – June, 2014

* * * * * * * * * *

MEMBERSHIP IS NOW AVAILABLE ON LINE! A new feature has been added to the web site.  Residents are now able to become new members or renew their existing membership on line.  By visiting the Membership tab on the web site and selecting Membership Application, a membership will be active with a “click of the finger.”  By filling in the simple form and selecting the payment method, a resident is very quickly able to access a wealth of community information. Membership Cut

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